Triple Beard Balm Sampler

1/2 oz. each

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Our Triple Beard Balm Sampler is just the right size whether you're looking to try out our premium beard care products for the first time or need them in a compact travel size to take on the road.  The Triple Beard Balm Sampler includes our Fresh, Original, and Spicy scents.

Just the wake-up you need!

Our go-to morning blend. We combine the crisp citrusy aroma of lemongrass with the clean stimulating fragrance of spearmint and the subtle sophistication of freshly ground black pepper to produce a unique scent that is purifying, refreshing, and energizing. Not only is our FRESH beard balm the perfect way to start each day, but you may also find it is good for helping to fight off those wintertime blues.

When all you want is HOLD!

Where it all began. Our ORIGINAL beard balm combines a selection of premium domestic and locally-sourced ingredients to produce a beard balm that is evocative of the best of the beehive. Gentle undertones of fresh honeycomb and grass botanicals come together for a simple, yet luxurious balm.

Variety is the SPICE of life!

Just the thing to tame your beard and reset your head after a long day at work and play. Our SPICY beard balm takes the bright aroma of ripe oranges, the deep savory fragrance of cloves, and the effervescence of fresh-cut peppermint to produce a warm embracing scent that has proven popular with our bearded brethren and those they hold close.


Shea Butter - 100% Pure, Organic, Unrefined

Bluegrass Beeswax - 100% Locally Sourced Bluegrass

Jojoba Oil - 100% Pure, Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined

Vitamin E Oil - 100% Pure

Spicy and Fresh additional ingredients:

Essential Oils - 100% Pure

Hold Strength:
** Allergy Information

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