Online Reviewer Program

Interested in reviewing our products?

Bluegrass Hive & Honey offers a Reviewer Program for all approved online reviewers. Receive a 50% discount on your first time purchase of any BHH product(s) you wish to review. Once you have registered an account on our website, email us back to let us know that you have registered. We will then issue your account a discount code along with a separate discount code for you to offer your subscribers.

To be Approved as a BHH Online Reviewer you must meet the following requirements:

1. Have an online social media presence (ex. channel),

2. Have over 150 subscribers on channel of review,

3. Have a current review within 60 days of request date,

4. Must register an account at


If you meet the above criteria, please follow the STEPS below to GET STARTED NOW.

Step 1: Send us an email with your name and the channel you wish us to review for BHH Online Review approval.

Step 2: Upon approval, you will receive an email. You will then go to and click on "Register" in the top right corner.

Step 3: After you have registered your account, send us an email from the email address you registered with and let us know this step is complete.

Step 4: Within 24 hours, you will receive notification, at your registered account email, containing your 50% discount code and a separate discount code you may offer to your channel subscribers.