What is the difference between beard balm, beard wax, and beard oil?

That is a great question and the answer can vary from one beard company to the next.

At Bluegrass Hive & Honey our premium beard balms focus on moisturizing and conditioning your beard and face, taming fly aways and promoting healthy growth, while providing a soft hold for shorter and more manageable beards. The consistency will be softer allowing your finger to push through the product with light pressure.

Our premium beard waxes also moisturize and condition your beard and face, tame fly aways and promote healthy growth, but have a higher beeswax content to provide superior hold for those with longer beards, hard to manage beards, or simply for those looking for a long-lasting all day hold. Our wax consistency will be much stronger and should require the back of your thumb nail or guitar pick to remove it.

Our premium beard oils combines natural carrier and essential oils that help hydrate your beard. The use of beard oils help to make your beard soft and shiny without the greasy build up while helping to reduce flaking and itchiness.

My itchy beard face is driving me crazy! What can I do to help reduce the itch?

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Sometimes there's just not enough naturally produced sebum oil to take care of your facial skin and your incoming beard. Here's a couple tips to alleviate the itch.

1. Forget the shampoo. Use a conditioner on your beard when in the shower.

2. Wash your beard in cold water. Hot water can remove naturally produced sebum oil from your face and beard.

3. Make sure your beard is dry before applying oils, balms or waxes.

4. Apply our Bluegrass Hive & Honey Beard Oil to hydrate your face and beard then finish up with either our balm or wax to finish the job.

I left my tin of wax in the car and noticed it became gritty?

We highly recommend that our wax or balm be stored in places that are not subject to drastic temperature changes. Drastic temperature fluctuations throughout the day or week may cause the wax or balm to transition through varying solid and liquid states.

If you notice your balm or wax turns gritty, we recommend taking the tin top off and putting the wax over a very low heat. After the wax completely melts to a liquid state simply remove the tin from heat and let it sit at room temperature for several hours so it can solidify.