Should I use Beard Balm or Beard Wax?

Should I use Beard Balm or Beard Wax?

Oct 1st 2019

Ok, I am comparing the ingredients in beard balm to the ingredients in beard wax. THEY ARE THE SAME! Why are they the same and which one do I get?

To answer this dilemma, we need to break down each beard product by what they do for your beard.

Beard Balm

Beard Balms are a leave-in conditioner for your beard. They generally contain oils, butters, essential oils/fragrances, and wax to condition, moisturize, and hold your beard. Not all balms are made equally.

The types of oils and butters that are used are important for the health of your beard and face. Beards pull the natural sebum oil produced by your skin like wicks. The reason you start feeling that itch over time. This is why you want to condition and moisturize your beard. Some oils and butters will leave an oily feel and shine while others are more readily absorbed leaving a soft, healthy-looking beard. Another thing to watch for is, certain oils and butters will clog pores in your skin and may cause breakouts.

We use Shea butter and Jojoba oil in our balms for this very reason. Shea butter and Jojoba oil are great moisturizers and are like the natural sebum oil produced by your skin. They leave your beard soft without that oily touch or look.

Balms generally give your beard a basic hold strength to tame flyaway hair and moisture locking properties with the use of wax. The basic hold of a balm is great for medium sized beards.

Beard Wax

Think of Beard Wax as Beard Balm with more wax for a stronger hold. The hold is higher than a balm and can go all the way up to competition strength for those that want to make shapes with their beard.

You want to have the same benefits of a balm in your wax to help condition and moisturize your beard. We use the same ingredients in our wax as we have in our balms, but add extra beeswax to increase the hold.

Waxes give you a stronger hold strength to help shape and tame your beard. Wax is great for larger beards where the longer follicles tend to have a mind of their own.

Use Balm or Wax?

This comes down to personal preference and beard characteristics. Short beards generally need beard oil, medium beards need balm to help hold down some strays, and longer beards need the extra wax to help hold shape. .

Now that you know the difference, buy the beard products that fit your needs! 

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