Only the best ingredients for our premium beard grooming products

Only the best ingredients for our premium beard grooming products

Nov 2nd 2018

You want the best for your beard and we want the best for you. At Bluegrass Hive & Honey, we personally handcraft our premium beard oils, beard balms and beard waxes. We methodically select ingredients and create products that help hydrate, strengthen, condition and protect your beard and skin. We know one thing is for certain, if Bluegrass Hive & Honey provides you with the best products that contain the best ingredients available, we'll have a relationship with you that lasts a very long time.

Here are some of the ingredients we use in our Bluegrass Hive & Honey products and why they are good for your beard and skin.

Beeswax: We only use Kentucky Bluegrass locally sourced beeswax; provides all-natural, long-lasting hold and shine, locks-in moisture, skin softener and nourisher, medicinal antimicrobial activity.

African Shea Butter: 100% Organic and Unrefined. Conditions, tones and soothes skin, moisturizes and softens beard, anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E Oil (Tocopheral): Moisturizes and conditions your face; prevents itching and flaking, antioxidant; seeks out and destroys free radicals.

Moroccan Argan Oil: 100% Organic and Pure, cold-pressed, softens and shines your beard; hydrates skin, protects skin; anti-aging properties.

Jojoba Oil: 100% Organic and Pure, unrefined, cold-pressed, nourishes and strengthens your beard; aids in absorption, hydrates skin, mimics naturally produced sebum, treats acne and psoriasis.

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